August 15, 2020

How To Wait For Love

How to wait for love.

“Some things are worth waiting for, ” said one woman.

You’ve heard that phrase. I propose that some things should never be made to wait. Love is one of those things.

In this segment, we meet a man who admits his fear of commitment cost him 10 years with the woman he loves.

Fear usually is the root of why we often make excuses about why, how, and when we surrender and show our vulnerability toward a person with whom we have a connection.

We are often afraid of being hurt, rejected, disappointed.

But, what if we only had a limited time with someone, only a window of opportunity that would never again present itself?

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This couple waited for each other as she finished school. He finally moved to South Florida and they got engaged. Now, they spend most of their days just joyful that they have each other.

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If the purpose was to live a life with the one we love, then isn’t the purpose bigger than the fear? Somethings are worth waiting for but somethings should never be made to wait for tomorrow is not promised.

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