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Don't wait to get noticed. Become the media's go to person for your industry.
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  • More than 20-years as a Television Journalist, over 10,000 stories written & produced  
  • Dozen of clients noticed and featured by local and national media  
  • More than a hundred entreprenurs educated on pitching, publicity and media  

How To Easily Get FREE PUBLICITY For Your Business, Brand or Book...

(even if you are brand new, and without spending a fortune on advertising).

How It Works!  

This Online Course, You'll Learn The Step-by-Step Process To Get Noticed.

1. Find Your Media Worthy Stories

Strategies to get your creative juices flowing and a step-by-step formula that will walk you through the process of turning your stories into desirable pitch ideas for the media. 

2. Customized Media Campaign 

A customized blue print that will help you create an effective multi-media campaign that you can implement in your business immediately and begin gain media exposure. 

3. Give Them Something to Talk About

Learn how to maximize exposure. How to leverage the power of the media to reach a mass market organically that will increase client base and sales.

4. Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Practice following a system that will have you writing News Releases, stories and pitches on a regular basis. Learn the most effective process of pitching them to decision makers. 

I’m going to show you how to get media attention by taking the guess work out of the publicity and PR process.

You will learn how to implement THE EPIC STORY TELLING METHOD to grow your business, create brand awareness and drive sales – all without it costing you a fortune.  

We all start out the same way, following the same advice…

  • Start a blog! Content marketing is the key to more traffic...
  • Make videos! YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine...
  • Social media matters! People spend 3 hours on Facebook alone...
  • Build a mailing list! The money is always in the list...
  • Paid traffic! SEO is too competitive these days  

And here's the truth: All of these methods work!
But they will only take you so far. If you want to grow...

Learn to Get Free Publicity: 

You Have to Start Courting the Press and Pitch the Media!  

Time was, a well-written press release was all it would take to get your business and brand on the media’s radar.

Today though? Even the best press releases coupled with paid distribution won’t cut it. The competition is simply too fierce.

If you’ve set your sights on media channels such as…

  • Print publications with huge circulations LIKE BEING PUBLISHED IN A MAGAZINE
  • Huffington Post,, and other high-visibility websites

Then you've got your work cut out for you.

If you've tried (and failed) to capture the attention of a big media outlet, you might think your only choice is to...

Hire a Pricey Public Relations Expert.  

And that's always an option, but who wants to:  

  • Pay thousands of dollars just to have access to someone else's "Rolodex" of contacts? 
  • Put the future and success of their business in the hands of someone who may pitch you along with a dozen of their other clients? 
  • Be forced to pay (and pay, and pay) just to maintain a relationship with no real ROI? 

Because here's the thing about public relationship professionals. They'll write a generic news release, distribute it to their contract lists but will NEVER EVER EVER in a million years guarantee any type of coverage and the minute you quit paying your PR person, you no longer have access to any of the work they've done for you.

Wouldn't it make more sense to be your own PR person, and grow your own Rolodex so that you can continue to leverage for years to come?

Now you can! 

How To Get Free Publicity For Your Business.   

Ask most people why they don't handle their own PR and they'll tell you two things:

  1. No contacts
  2. No idea even where to begin

This new program will help you solve both problems, with an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that gets results. 

Module 1: Build Your Influential Brand 

Module 2: How to Create Your Irresistible Pitch 

Module 3: Find and Leverage Your Sweet Spot  

Module 4: Implement the E.P.I.C. Storytelling Method 

Module 5: Deliver Your Sizzling Pitch 

Module 6: Become The Go-To Expert The Media Loves  

Module 7: Polish Your On-Camera Presence 

BONUS: Behind the Scenes Look Inside A Newsroom And How It Works 

No one can guarantee you a spot on the Today Show or a feature in a glossy magazine, but I can promise you this: When you've fully worked through this program, you'll be ready when the media comes calling...and they most certainly will.  

Learn to Get Free Publicity: 

About the Expert: Silva Harapetian

I’m Silva Harapetian, a 20-year media veteran who has worked as a writer, producer and an on-air journalist in major networks on television, radio, print and multi-channel platforms.
I am so very excited about to this program, to finally share my years of hard-earned expertise and insider tips to help entrepreneurs everywhere leverage current successes to spring board to the next level. 

What People Are Saying

“I've always wanted to engage with the media...this really gave me a road map to follow. It was really incredible. ”

Alicia Couri

“In my field where it so competitive, I feel now I have that edge...because I can strategically plan how I'm going to market and focus my practice.”

Tenesha Stokes

“I came to [Silva] with a slight idea of what I wanted. She explained to me how to work best with scripts, how to be completely natural on video. This was without a doubt one of the most necessary sessions I've done to move me and my video and my website moving.”

Marina Kuperman-Villatoro

“What makes working with Silva so powerful is that she has experience on both fronts. She has been the one being pitched to and has extensive experience pitching the media herself. When I was at a crossroad as to how to pitch a national talk show. Silva helped me to craft the perfect response."  

Laura Berger

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