August 15, 2020

How to Survive Anxiety and Stress Triggered by Trauma

How to Survive Anxiety and Stress Triggered by Trauma.

For one specific population, managing stress, trauma, and triggers is a lot more challenging during the Covid19 crisis.

The virus, the response, and the subsequent stay-at-home orders are having unintended consequences around the world.

In immigrant communities, there have been a growing number of reports about feelings of anxiety and stress.

Thousands of people displaced from their home traumatized by war and conflict are reliving their past.

The current health crisis and the subsequent isolation is triggering a heightened sense of instability and fear among those who have experienced transgenerational trauma.

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Many survivors are aware of these types of triggers and often seek help but there is a vulnerable group that is unaware of its impact on their mental health. They may be suffering in silence without even knowing the cause of their heightened level of emotions.

It is important to help this vulnerable population to manage its emotional and mental health during this crisis.

Dr. Adriana Karapetian, a psychotherapist who works with survivors says it is important to remember that we are all in this together.

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She has some tips on how to manage anxiety.

1. Surround yourself (virtually) with loved ones (family and friends)
2. Find a new hobby
3. Get close to nature (hug a tree)
4. Listen to your body In these times, it is important that we also check on our families and friends who have survived trauma.

Remind yourself and remind them to take the following advice. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others Talk to someone Don’t push people away