August 15, 2020

How To Make 100K As A New Business

How to make 100k as a new business.

15-million Americans are self-employed. 11.9 million small businesses in the US are owned by women. Nearly 30% of businesses report temporarily closing because of the pandemic.

Funding expert Arielle Loren says pain forces change. This is the time to be innovative and reinvent our businesses.

Building A Small Business

Are you feeling the economic and emotional pinch? The brutality, the racism, the protests, and conversation around systemic racism has raised even more questions about economic equality and progress.

It is imperative that we have conversations about the real economic challenges black, brown, and minority communities face today and have faced for decades.

It’s time to talk about ownership, control, and how to build generational wealth. In an interview with Arielle Loren Founder of 100K Incubator.

We’ll talk about what it’s going to take to survive the economy during the pandemic, how to find funding to help us sustain, and how to position ourselves as a small business to take advantage of the downturn.