August 17, 2020

How To Hustle in Business And in Life as an Immigrant

How to hustle in business in life as an immigrant means having to work harder. Hustle — for us — is a state of mind.

As an immigrant who escaped war, religions, and political persecution, I have always been actually aware of the opportunities that I’ve been afforded in this country. (Context is important here)

Being raised by parents who gave up everything they had ever known, everything they worked for, their home, their way of life, and their friends and etc…to give me and my sisters a chance at a better life, I’ve felt it my responsibility to make the most of all opportunities.

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It is not lost on me that while life has at times been challenging and I’ve often felt like I’ve been playing catch up, I’ve had more opportunities than most of my black and brown brothers and sisters.

The recent protests, conversations about racial injustice, and systemic racism have brought to the forefront the lack of a leveled playing field in all facets of life including, education, legal, financial, and more… Many in the black, brown, minority, the immigrant, and underprivileged communities have had to work harder to have a shot at opportunities and the potential to make it. For that reason, Hustle runs through our veins developed out of the necessity for survival.

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In this episode, we’re talking to John Henry the host of Hustle on ViceTV and co-founder of Harlem Capital. We talk about the definition of hustle and how it gets thrown around in business and entrepreneurial circles a lot but few have actually lived by its principles.

Even fewer understand that The Hustle is a state of being and not necessarily something one does.