August 15, 2020

How to Be Happy Even When You Are Alone

How to be happy even when you are alone and sad.

Happiness is a choice. Most people think of happiness as a destination. But happiness is choosing to find joy in moments.

We hope we’ll have enough of those moments to sting them together over time to say we were and are happy.

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I met a woman a few years ago whose job had been to attend to the bathrooms at the airport for 23 years. Even though she was sad about her life and having lost everyone she loved her goal was to make other people happy.

She brought Christmas decorations and put them in the bathroom at the airport. She said she felt like there wasn’t enough happiness in the world and she liked making people smile especially when they’re traveling.

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Her action to create a moment of happiness brought so much joy to her life that although she lived in a state of pain, it seemed happiness lived next door.