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Tell your EPIC story to build a memorable brand, become 

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Online interactive course for speakers, leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and change-makers

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  • Are your sales NOT what they used to be?
    Are customers not as active as they used to be? 
    Does it feel like you're has plateaued? 

In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to embrace your EPIC unique story.

I am going to give you the blue print to telling, packaging and presenting your own E.P.I.C story so you can create a one-of-a-kind Business.

Speakers, Leaders, Experts, Change-makers and Entrepreneurs…
Are you ready to shake things up?

Storytelling is the heartbeat to anyone with a message with the desire to build a one-of-a-kind business around their passion. I have found that telling your unique E.P.I.C. story is the fastest and most effective way to create a brand and long-term value and relevance in the marketplace.


In this online course you’ll learn how to take the guess work out of the storytelling process and build a business around your passion.

Are you ready to RESONATE with your audience, gain INSTANT credibility and MARKETING EDGE edge over your competition WITHOUT needing a huge budget or a PR team.

BE YOU, Be Life: Discover Your Story and Create a One-of-a-kind Business is for entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and influencers who want to create an EXPERT BRAND, GROW their BUSINESS and MAKE AN IMPACT. 

It's for those who are looking for a GAME CHANGER; those who want take their business and life to another level. It’s for those who are ready to DIG DEEP and want to be mentored and fulfill their PURPOSE by SHARING THE GIFT OF THEIR JOURNEY.


Be You, Be Life: discover your story and create a one-of-a-kind business is an interactive online course where you will learn the process of marrying your message with your passion and building a business around your story; creating a one-of-a-kind business. 


What People Are Saying...


AARON RENTFREW KNEW HE HAD AN AMAZING STORY AND WANTED TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD...but had no idea where to start. After his one-on-one session, he was able to create a promotional video, give a speech and was booked to tell his story on television. Aaron is a performance coach who just spent the last four months traveling and searching for the happiest place in the world.

W. ANDRE ALLEN HAD BEEN TELLING HIS STORY TO ANYONE WHO ASKED HIM ABOUT IT. But it wasn’t until he learned how to incorporate his story with his artwork and began sharing it with everyone who walked through the doors of his gallery that he began to see a change in how people responded to his work. Andre is a world-renowned artist whose artwork hangs in the homes of private collectors and Oceanic Cruise Ships around the world.


Discover You​​​​r Story and Create a One-of-a-Kind Business  

Online Interactive Course and training with Silva Harapetian personally...


Start Where You Are 

  1. What’s Your Why? (Exercise: Create a Vision Board)
  2. Your Story Matters (Exercise: Write Your Personal Story)
  3. Write Your Mission Statement (Exercise: Write Your Mission Statement)


What Makes a Good Story and How to Find Yours

  1. Learn the EPIC Storytelling Method
  2. Learn the elements that Make up YOUR EPIC story
  3. Write Your Business Story (Exercise: Write Your Mission Statement)


How to Develop Different Types of Stories for Your Business

  1. Find YOUR EPIC story that attracts Your Ideal Client (Exercise: Create Your Ideal Client Avatar)
  2. Your Story Becomes Your Unique Products and Programs (Exercise: 7 Problems Your Ideal Client Will Face)
  3. The Best Marketing Comes from Sharing Your Story Authentically (Exercise: Research Stories and Authenticity)

How to Use Your Story to Build a one of kind business & Expert Brand

  1. Learn to use your EPIC Story to position your business in the market place and stand out from your competition
  2. Unique Stories Turn Competitors Into Colleagues (Exercise: List Your Top Competitors and Brainstorm Ways to Work Together)
  3. Case studies of EPIC stories and successful businesses

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I am a journalist for CBS News in Miami. 

I have been a media industry executive for almost 20 years in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

But, getting here wasn’t easy.

I was NEVER suppose to be somebody.

I was NEVER suppose to be visible.

I was NEVER suppose to have a voice.

What’s My Story? 

My name is Silva and I am here against all odds.

I’ve always had a vision of making an impact, using the spotlight to broadcast my message and being a voice for my community.

However, I was born in a country where women are considered property. They are easily disposable and do not ever have a voice.

My early life didn’t seem to have much of a promise let alone that of a spotlight.

As a Christian-Armenian living in Iran I witnessed a revolution, lived through a devastating war and escaped terrifying political and religious persecution.

Life in the United States seemed full of promise but it proved to be full of challenges. 

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