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    Claim Your Place In The Media Spotlight

    August 4, 2015

Claim Your Place In The Media Spotlight


Claim Your Place In The Media Spotlight:
8 Weeks to MEDIA STAR Stardom!

You have a great business and your clients love you. So why isn’t your business growing as quickly as you WANTor NEED it to?

The biggest challenge to business growth is anonymity. Your target audience simply doesn’t know about you…that you exist, that you have solutions for them, and that you are open and ready to serve!



Here’s What You’ll Get when you CLAIM YOUR PLACE IN THE MEDIA SPOTLIGHT: 8 Weeks to media Star Stardom!

• A unique DIY 4-step formula to create an effective campaign to get press coverage that you can implement in your business immediately.
• A 7-step formula that will get your creative juices flowing and walk you through the process of turning your stories into desirable pitch ideas for the press.
• The opportunity to practice writing pitches and preparing them for producers and reporters including specific, expert feedback from ME!
• A tried-and-true process that will help you build your own rolodex of media contacts tailored to your specific industry.
• The best-kept-secret to projecting a polished on-air presence and demonstrating flawless delivery skills.
• The do’s and don’ts of on-camera presence including wardrobe, hair, and makeup tips.
• How to leverage the power of the media to reach a mass market organically and to increase your sales.
• What to do with publicity once you get it to maximize and optimize to the hilt!
• LIVE weekly calls with me to ask ANY QUESTIONS you have about the content, tip sheets or exercises.


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